Myth: Eating Cherries Reduces Belly Fat

Myth: Eating Cherries Reduces Belly Fat

Truth: If you drastically cut back on the number of calories—instead of improving the quality of your calories—you’ll likely do damage to your metabolism and miss out on long-term success.

Yes, calorie counting can be one way to lose weight. But experts consistently say that your body will go into starvation mode and slow down metabolism so as to hang onto the calories it gets when it finally gets them. “Not eating enough is actually detrimental to your metabolism,” says Bella. “It can slow it down, making it harder for you to lose weight and maintain it.” Keep your metabolism up by eating balanced and carefully planned out meals that focus on high quality, fresh ingredients.

7 Myth: Eating Cherries Reduces Belly Fat

Truth: There are some amazing fat-burning foods, but no cure-alls.

There are always trends that give certain buzz foods seemingly magic powers. And as of late, you might have read splashy headlines touting the benefits of tart cherries. “Unfortunately, eating tart cherries alone will not help you lose fat around the belly. You need to eat an overall healthy diet that is within your calorie range,” says Bella. That said, she notes that tart cherries are good for you in other ways, just like other fruits they are high in fiber, vitamins and antioxidants, meaning they’re a great addition to your diet (instead of candy, for example).

8 Myth: Shots Of Apple Cider Vinegar Melt Fat
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Truth: “Drinking apple cider vinegar alone will not melt away belly fat,” says Bella.

“Some studies have shown that vinegar, in general, can help improve insulin sensitivity,” Bella continues. “But it is best to pair this regime with a healthy diet and exercise to see optimal results.” Scope out these 30 Awesome Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar for more on this fab elixir.

9 Myth: You Have Bad Genes So All Is Lost
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Truth: Genes play a part on your shape, but using your genes as a blanket excuse for your shape isn’t doing you any favors.

“When your gut bacteria (aka microbiome) is out of balance with more bad bacteria, then good
(aka dysbiosis), fat storage is promoted,” says Malone. This dysbiosis can be from many factors including lack of sleep, not enough exercise or too much stress, but a diet high in processed foods, refined sugar and foods you don’t tolerate are the most influential factors. Malone points to new research that has shown that those with more diversity of microbes in their gut microbiome, had lower visceral fat (the fat around your organs in your abdominal area that is associated with metabolic disease).

Our point? While you can’t change your genes, your microbiome makeup is actually very malleable. Improve your gut health and get your carbs from vegetables, eat fermented foods, get some probiotics in your life, and try an elimination diet to help pinpoint your food sensitivities.

10 Myth: Fruits Can Emulsify Belly Fat
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Truth: While citric acid is a natural occurring acid in fruits and vegetables, it doesn’t emulsify stored fat.

A common myth is that citric acid in fruits like cranberries emulsifies your belly fat. The truth, according to Bella, is that it’s involved in the TCA cycle, which generates energy through oxidation of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. This also means that any cream that purports to blast belly fat or to melt away cellulite with acid-rich cranberries won’t actually deliver. That said, while citric acid-rich fruits won’t blast fat on their own, eat them instead of processed sweets and salty snacks and you’re bound to see some results.


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